Australian company Aquatic Diagnostic Services International has signed a distribution agreement with the international leader in industrial hygiene and livestock protection, Evans Vanodine UK to bring to the Australian and New Zealand salmonid industries, Buffodine, an iodine based fish farming disinfectant for eyed salmonid eggs and

newly stripped non-hardened eggs, and equipment. Buffodine has been approved for use in Australia by APVMA and New Zealand by ACVM.  It has been specially formulated so that the pH of the in-use solution is practically neutral, which ensures that

disinfection occurs without harming the eggs. Buffodine has a strong inactivating effect

on major fish viruses, pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The colour of the solution indicates its germicidal activity, amber solutions are active, while pale yellow or colourless solutions are less effective and must be replaced by new solutions. It is biodegradable, stable and safe to use.